Tenant Checks with Creditsure

Every week, we perform large amounts of tenant checks for our Landlord and Lettings Agents clients to provide them adequate information for new and prospective tenants. We can help Landlords and local business to spot potential bad tenants before they sign a lease and can save countless pounds in rent arrears. A tenant check from Tenantsure is proven to make a difference

It is imperative in the current economic climate to exercise due diligence when the question of a new tenant arises. Nearly 75,000 Private Tenants were in arrears at the beginning of 2011 according to research by Templeton LPA, representing around 2% of the Industry as a whole which is an alarming statistic but further subscribes to the necessity for Tenant Reports to be obtained prior to the signing of any agreement.

Our reports enable our clients to make educated decisions onto the financial suitability of any prospective tenant and reduce the risk of acquiring a non paying tenant that can potentially cost you thousands in unpaid rent and eviction fees.

Take the first step today in preventing you or your company against bad tenants and contact us now to see how we can help. Our Tenant reports start from only £8.99

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